“The roads, the times, breaking up your mind”

“You’ve gotta tie yourself to the mast, my friend And the storm will end”

(line taken from The Verve – One Day)


I know generally I should be doing better than anyone with a job right now, but the truth is that we are all just fighting our own different battles. This one is just 111 days away from the finish line. P.S: shock, surprise. I’m still alive. This blog is actually till here.

“Most of all, now I know that I am happy to be me.”


Was randomly browsing through old files in my external hard disk, and stumbled upon this picture.

Well, yes that is a picture of me. That is pretty clear to see. So how does this matter in any way, you ask? Well.. I still remember clearly, this picture was taken while fooling around with my friends before our Victimology class. Back in our 3rd semester. In 2005.

Which means this picture is 9 years old. And I don’t look one bit different now. You would think having graduated from school plus 3.5 years of corporate work would have changed you at least one tiny bit, but look what happened (or didn’t, more like) to me..

I guess this just means I’ve found my comfort zone quite early when it comes to looks?