“..and say goodbye to yesterday.”



And just like that, it’s all over.

I’m still trying to register in my mind that I’ve actually finished yet another year of school. Heck, I still can’t believe I actually  managed to do some more studying. Who knew that this pea-brain could actually muster the strength to quit working and life in general to dive back into law textbooks and student life? Me, the one who originally had sworn herself off of studying back in 2009. I guess we all get that change of heart every once in a while, eh?

So I finally went and did pretty much everything one could ever think of in one short year. Moving out of my hometown to live on my own, studying in a completely different environment, a shocking change of lifestyle (I’m proud to say it is for a better one, though!), to all the random #YOLO shenanigans my old self wouldn’t have done 3 years ago. And look at me, I survived.

It’s been.. remarkable.  The friends I’ve made, the perils I’ve gone through, the challenges I had to face, the drama I had to overcome, the tiny steps that lead me to who I am now. And of course, the happy memories that came with the whole package. Nobody can ever take that away from me. As tough as it may have been, I wouldn’t have chosen to live my life this past year in any other way.

As the great wise Dan Wilson (of Semisonic of course, cos my music taste is forever stuck in the “some years ago” phase) said, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. And looking at how it is now, it’s time for another new beginning. Pretty sure I’ve learned a few things from living and studying in Singapore now, hopefully they’ll carry me somewhere decent 🙂 And I quote Modest Mouse this time, “And we’ll all float on, alright”. Amen to that.


Cheers to us all, NUS LLM class of 2014. It’s been mad awesome indeed. Time for the Indonesian hobbit to sign out now 🙂



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