“if you can’t get what you love..”

And so, it is finally time to throw in the towel.

When it comes to running, I have to admit I’ve never been the best competitive runner anyway. My times, honestly, have always sucked. But you know how sometimes you keep doing some things just because you enjoy it? That’s how my relationship is, or was, with running.

If anything, running kept me sane during my Singapore days. Who knew, a random shoes purchase at an annual factory sale thing became a habit that helped me overcome stress from pressure and all that. How can you not enjoy getting healthy, in the company of your preference (be it music, or likeminded friends), with the perks of a sense of achievement?

Again, I’ve always noticed that my timing always sucked. But then again, that did not stop me from going distances. I constantly find myself gasping for air by the 200 m mark, or my heart would be racing. But did that stop me from going from Bukit Timah to Holland Village (and back again) or deter me from taking on those 5Ks? Hell no. I’ve just always reckoned them as a lesson in perseverance.

But I guess, after all, the hard truth is always the one that hits in the end, and this time there is no sneaking my way around it. Sure, I can just ignore the fact that my heart would overwork itself, putting me at risk while I have my fun. But that is not the reason I started this in the first place. Logic, and in the literal sense, heart over everything.

At least I’ll still be doing light runs, albeit not in races and not in such lengths. And hey, I guess this proves that if anyone with a faulty body like mine could do it (several times over), any normal person can do it. All it takes is the will power to take the first steps 😉

“You learn to love the things you’ve got”

 I know Passenger was not talking about a medical condition when he wrote this, but hell. I’ll own this thing and show it who’s boss.

2 thoughts on ““if you can’t get what you love..”

  1. Firstly, how long have you been blogging over here— what happened to LiveJournal?!
    Secondly, what is going on with your heart?!!

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